Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Weekend Recap: Pittsburgh, ScareHouse, Strip District & Hobby Lobby

Happy Tuesday!

This past weekend was very eventful for me. I really enjoy eventful weekends, it gives you something to look forward to during the work week. 
This past weekend we went to the ScareHouse in Pittsburgh. I've been hearing a lot of hype about it and I heard it was better than Terror Behind the Walls so I thought we would check it out. 


I got out of work early so we can get to Pittsburgh at a decent hour. I also did my nails with the Kiss nail stickers I picked up a while ago. 

 As you can tell, I didn't do an amazing job, I got some "wrinkles" in the nails.

Our drive into Pittsburgh and we passed the Heinz sign, how lucky!

My outfit for ScareHouse:
NorthFace Breast Cancer awareness jacket/Fila Jacket from Kohls/Victoria Secrets Most Loved Yoga Pants/Nike Free sneakers

We used Uber (again) to get to the ScareHouse, this time they had Candy Corns as cars! How cute!

ScareHouse. I don't really have much to rave about this place. Terror Behind the Walls really had my expectations high. And not to mention this place was oddly similar in the scares at Terror Behind the Walls. It was ok, but not worth the trip.

I ended my night with a bubble bath with my Wizard from Lush. 


We slept in for a little bit (which is always amazing in a Mariott bed, btw). Then we went to the Strip District based on a recommendation from my manager. 
 My fiance always likes to get in on my outfit pictures. Haha

 Trench is a little wrinkles from being in my to-go bag. 
Charlotte Russe trench/Plaid Scarf: Ebay/Ross Jeans/Ugg boots

The Strip District was so much fun and I highly recommend it for any one going to Pittsburgh for the first time. Especially if your a Steelers fan, they had a ton of stuff for cheap there. 

We went to a Polish Deli, food was pretty good not the best. But it's always fun listening to the workers speak in Polish.

Went to my first Peace Love & Little Donuts. SO good! The line was out the door. Luckily we snapped some up before they closed.

I also went to my first Hobby Lobby, it's seriously amazing. I loved it! I bought some things so I'll share another day when I take pictures. 
Have a great night.


Holly said...

Looks like a fun little getaway! :)