Monday, September 26, 2011

.Day 2. .What I wore.

Ok, honestly, it's an awful outfit. But because it's day 2 I have to post it. I have an Accounting exam today, well in a few hours that I'm freaking out about. I've been studying all weekend, so I feel like I know it well, but I'm still freaking out. Anyone else do this?!?! On top of it I have another exam tomorrow that I haven't even begun to study and on friday I have 2 more exams; one in accounting, another in finance. AHHH!! So you're going to have to excuse the lack of effort in this outfit or anything thing else. :/ School trumps style right now.
But I'm basically wearing a black long sleeve crew neck shirt with some jean shorts and a belt. Which I might change by the way because it's so damn hot out!
So there you have it, my awful outfit. lol