Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What a Great Way to End a Night..

I wanted to post this yesterday but it got too late and I was just so exhausted I went to bed. Mondays and Wednesday's are my long day of classes 11-6... and it's so draining. I have some long breaks in between my 4 classes so I go home twice during the day, and each way in a mile.. so I'm walking 6 miles those days (not that I'm complaining) but it gets exhausting... anyway, yesterday when I came home from class my fiance bought me my new favorite chocolate obsessions.. the Hershey's air delight. They're so good, and a lot less in calories. I definitely recommend..

He ran me a hot bath with my favorite candle lit...
I think I was laying in there for a good half hour.. it was so nice. :)
And then I relaxed and worked on my puzzle some more. I haven't done a puzzle in YEARS, literally years.. when I was sitting in class I had the random urge to do a puzzle, so when my fiance and I went to Walmart one night, I picked one up... I'm such a dork. But it keeps me occupied.
I'm not even entirely sure what I'm going to do with it when I'm done, any ideas?! Anyway, it's the simple things that make everyday great, as long as you let them be. My fiance knows how exhausted I am after Mondays and Wednesdays and for him to think of me like that was just so special and it's things like that that make me love him more and more. :) Goodnight. ♥