Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Birthday Presents!

I wanted to first share all my presents I got from my wonderful fiance and friends... On the day of my birthday I was surprised when I came out of the shower to find presents on the table. Now that we live together it's hard to sneak presents without the other one knowing.. I was so excited! I've been wanting a Pillow Pet in the worst way.. I know they've been out for like forever, but I still wanted one. He always gets me a stuffed animal for my birthday so I was super excited that that's what he got me. I needed to name him Hemi. :) He also got me my favorite candies.. sugar pumpkins and a Hello Kitty Marshmallow Popsicle stick, and some reading material magazines. Usually he buys me stuff when we're at King of Prussia, so this year he bought me a bunch of stuff from Atlantic City (post later). I'm spoiled, yes. :)

And then yesterday I got in the mail a bunch of things from my best friends. I love you guys! Thank you so much! :)
See the cupcake stickers? AHHH!!
Cards and gift cards from my best friends.
I also got a cupcake apron! It's so funny because when I opened this, I was like "I've wanted an apron!" and no one was around.. haha. But seriously, I have, so the fact that I got one and there's cupcakes on it, it's perfect. Thank you Linds, I love you!
I hung all my cards. So I could look at them every day.

I have some reading to do...
This is the shopping damage, everything I have to take pictures of before I put it away.. ahh!
Anyway, off to class now. Talk to you girls later!


Schnelle said...

awww your fiance is so sweet. looks like you had a great birthday! can't wait to see your shopping haul!

palmandpineblog said...

How exciting! I love birthdays :) xo, tasha

Isabel Harris said...

Wow! It's a girls birthday dream! I am so jealous of that sephora card! Your day sounds like a blast.

Thanks for stopping by!