Monday, October 3, 2011

.Day 4. .Favorite Color. & OOTD

Oh-my-gosh, I haven't blogged since last thursday!!! I missed you Blogger, how I've missed you. :P Honestly, with 4 exams last week and 2 on friday, I had another exam this morning.. it's been a bit hectic. And I also went home this past weekend to pick up fall/winter clothes.. Today it was a whooping 53 degrees out.. Needless to say I brought out my Uggs from hibernation. So I've been a busy little beaver and if you came to my apartment, it's a wreck.. I still have all my suitcases on the floor, my winter boots, and coats, it's bad. I actually just finished cleaning my bathroom.. I know 10:30 at night, it's the only time I could.
But I had to come on here and blog, I took photos of my outfit this morning and photos of my favorite things in pink.
So day 4.. my favorite color is pink..
Pink rainboots.. and I'm longing for the Hunter Tall pink rainboots.. some day, someday!
I have these fun little paper lanterns that are in pink.
My clock. My TV. My little speakers. All pink.
My Vaio laptop.. Pink.. my wireless mouse.. Pink...
I could have took so many more things that I have in pink, but let's be honest it'll be a long drawn out post. haha...
Here's my casual outfit of the day for classes. I was warm and comfy and that's all that matters.
Photobucket Oh, and who know I'm wearing a pink sweater. Haha. Sweater Victoria Secrets, Jeans Kohls, Bailey Button Ugg boots.


AmyRoto said...

haha, pink obsessed!! :)

Natasha Marie said...

so adorable ! I didn't even know they had pink tvs ! lol. Love all your posts :) keep it up !

xx Natasha