Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend Shopping

In the previous post I told you I went to the Christmas Tree Shop.. I took pictures of everything and I'm going to share :) I really should be studying, but I'm taking a little break.. I have 4 exams this week and.. well.. I'm stressed. But anyway, my fiance and his family went to the Christmas Tree Shop on Saturday. It was perfect because it was snowing, it was just beautiful. :) We were all in the holiday spirit, (I know, even in October).. it was probably just the snow. Haha. I picked up a few things for the apartment for decorating for Christmas.

Cupcake dish towels and a festive cupcake cutting board.
I picked up a bunch of cupcake liners because I ran out of them! Ahh! Plus they had them in all different festive designs. We also have no mugs here for hot chocolate and I love my hot chocolate... :)
We also went to Walgreens to pick something up and low and behold their clearance was an additional 50% off... I scored folders for .25 each, highlighting kit for $2.50 and chap stick(you can never have too many in the winter time) for .75
I also wanted to share this photo I took on the way back to our apartment.. so beautiful.


Schnelle said...

That cutting board is so cute! I love that store. You got some incredible deals at Walgreens too- Feria dye for $2.50?! That's unheard of. Pretty color too.

*~kAy~* said...

That's a chopping board? O_o sooo cute!!!
Your place must look super cute!!!